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ICYMI: Rep. Stewart Joins Tucker Carlson Tonight

Last week, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss President Biden’s terrifying plan to spy on the American people. Rep. Stewart also talked about his new legislation that will put a wall between U.S. intelligence agencies and U.S. citizens.

Highlights of the interview are below, or watch online here.

An American KGB:

“The whole purpose of the Intelligence Community – the CIA, NSA and others – is to concentrate on foreign threats and foreign terrorism…Russia, China and North Korea. It was never intended that they would look at U.S. persons until this administration came along and said, ‘You know, those [foreign] threats are important, but the real threat we’re worried about is domestic violent extremism.’

“It should enrage Americans that [the Biden Administration] would think they can use this awesome power on us. If you want to build an American KGB – if you think that’s a good idea – then keep going down this road. But if you think that’s a horrible, fearsome idea, then please work with me to try and stop it.”

“If the past four or five years have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that senior members of the FBI and DOJ were clearly deceptive to Congress, deceptive to the FISA courts, and deceptive to the American people. And now, once again, they want to increase and enhance that ability by drawing in even more [intelligence] agencies…This is clearly not the responsibility of the CIA or NSA.” 

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