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Rep. Stewart’s Statement on Democrats’ Spending Spree

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement after President Biden’s $5 trillion spending bill passed the House.

“America should right now be enjoying a post-pandemic economic recovery. Instead, inflation is at a 30-year high, taxes are on the rise, and our national debt is ballooning. This morning, with the passage of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, House Democrats poured roughly $5 trillion of fuel on the fire.

“President Biden can claim that his agenda ‘costs zero dollars,’ all he wants, but the American people aren’t buying this blatant lie. That’s because the consequences of his relentless taxing, spending, and mandating are being felt every day. This winter, the average family will pay an extra $172 to heat their home. This Thanksgiving, frozen turkeys will cost an average of 22% more than last year. And every day, Americans are paying more to fill up their gas tanks. No political spin will change those facts.

“President Biden needs to accept these fundamental realities: The American people are the key to our nation’s success; spending more tax dollars to expand government control is our downfall. Until we start prioritizing individual liberty over big government, we’re going to continue suffering the same economic consequences.”

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