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Stewart Reintroduces PARC Act

Today, Rep. Chris Stewart (UT-02) reintroduced the Provide Access and Retain Continuity (PARC) Act. 

The PARC Act would direct the Secretary of the Interior to enter into agreements with States to allow continued operation of facilities and programs that have been determined to have a direct economic impact on tourism, mining, timber, or general transportation in the State and which would otherwise cease operating, in whole or in part, during a Federal Government shutdown that is the result of a lapse in appropriations, and for other purposes. 

Following reintroduction, Congressman Stewart released the following statement: 

"In the past, during lapses in federal funding, the state stepped up and kept parks and other areas open for the public. This act will provide an avenue for states and federal entities to make agreements for serving the public if funding ever lapses again." - Rep. Chris Stewart 

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