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Stewart and Fellow China Task Force Members Release Report on Combatting CCP Malign Behavior

Washington, September 30, 2020

Congressman Chris Stewart (UT-02) and fellow China Task Force (CTF) members released its report which serves as a policy action plan for Congress and the Administration to better combat the multifaceted challenge presented by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CTF was made up of 15 Members of Congress representing 11 committees and focused on six key elements of the challenge: ideological competition, supply chains, national security, technology, economics and energy, and competitiveness.

The CTF conducted briefings with current and former administration officials on both sides of the aisle, business executives, Ambassadors, and various outside experts. In total, the CTF engaged with more than 130 leaders to provide insights and solutions for its comprehensive action plan. The China Task Force Report includes more than 400 recommendations, and of the legislative recommendations, two-thirds are bipartisan and one-third have already passed the House or the Senate.

Following the report release, Congressman Stewart issued the following statement:

This is the most comprehensive report Congress has produced on all of the Chinese Communist Party’s malign activities and the threats it poses to the United States and the West. It outlines the challenges that we face and what we must do to respond. It is some of the most substantive and important work that I have done in Congress and I am confident that these recommendations, when realized, will secure our country’s future.” – Rep. Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart spoke at the China Task Force press conference. Click here or below to watch his remarks.


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul issued the following statements:

“When the China Task Force began in May, our mission was to answer a significant challenge: addressing a generational threat from the Chinese Communist Party that affects every American and transcends political parties. House Republicans have delivered,” stated House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “Today’s report achieves something no Congress in history has done before: a true blueprint to address the China threat across the board, filled with hundreds of bold, achievable ideas based on discussions with more than one hundred leaders across the political spectrum. In fact, nearly two thirds of the legislative recommendations are bipartisan. I’m confident ten years from now, Americans look back at this report as the bedrock for a safer, more resilient, more prosperous future. I commend Chairman McCaul and all the Members of the Task Force for their tireless effort in creating this comprehensive national strategy and urge my colleagues to adopt it swiftly.”

“It has been a privilege to lead this Task Force and I thank Leader McCarthy for entrusting our team with this vital mission, as well all of the task force members for their hard work,” stated China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul. “The Chinese Communist Party's malign behavior poses a generational threat that demands urgent action. We can no longer stand back as the CCP ramps up their military aggression, weaponizes the supply chain, and brazenly attacks the democratic values that underpin American society and global prosperity. For more than forty years, we have tried to bring them into the family of nations as a responsible partner, but they have refused to behave responsibly. Our report is a comprehensive action plan that will help guide our foreign policy regarding the CCP for years to come and includes many bipartisan initiatives we should begin to enact today.”

Read the full report here.




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