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Stewart Selected as a Member of the China Task Force

 Today, Congressman Chris Stewart (UT-02) was selected by Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) to join the China Task Force. This committee was created to address the Chinese cross-jurisdictional threat by bringing together key members from the most relevant committees. China has been a geopolitical threat well before the coronavirus. The past few weeks have only increased the urgency to address the existing and emerging threats head-on.

Following the announcement, both Rep. Stewart and Leader McCarthy issued the following statements:

"We are witnessing a generational geopolitical realignment as the world begins to recognize the true intent of Chinese leadership’s capabilities and ambitions. I look forward to serving on this important committee and developing a plan to ensure our future economic and national security." – Rep. Chris Stewart

"As someone who earned the accolades of a distinguished Air Force Pilot and possesses firsthand entrepreneurial experience, Chris was a natural choice to serve on this task force. His knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable as we work together to tackle the national security challenges of the 21st century. Chris’s work on our most important committees will allow us to work across jurisdictions and ensure our results are far-reaching and impactful." — Leader Kevin McCarthy

More about the China Task Force:

The task force will decide which issues to focus on including possibly:

  • Influence operations targeting U.S. and foreign governments and civil society, including think tanks, higher education, business, and media outlets.
  • Export control regimes and foreign investment screening mechanisms in the United States, and efforts to coordinate and harmonize these regimes with partners.
  • Chinese efforts to attain leadership positions and change norms at international organizations and standard-setting bodies.
  • Chinese economic coercion of governments and businesses in the United States and partner countries, including through the monopolization of critical supply chains.
  • China’s role in the origin and spread of COVID-19.
  • China’s use of US institutions to educate and train its citizens who then use their training to damage the national security of the United States.
  • Chinese efforts to gain the technological advantage (in areas including 5G, AI, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies that may or may not have military applications).

The task force will meet regularly to receive briefings from experts and discuss appropriate recommendations. The end product will be a comprehensive report with legislative recommendations due by October 30.

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