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Congressman Chris Stewart Creates Anti-Socialism Caucus

Today, Rep. Stewart announces the creation of the Anti-Socialism Caucus. The purpose of the caucus is to inform lawmakers and the public on the dangers of socialism and to serve as a bulwark to stop the advancement of socialist policies and legislation.

“Socialism is a folly. Not only is it doomed to fail wherever it rears its head, it leaves a wake of destruction in lives and freedoms lost.

So much time has passed from the fall of the Iron Curtain that many have internalized – or never experienced—Socialism’s ultimate price.  If we fail to recall those dangerous times, the primitive appeal of socialism will advance and infect our institutions.“ Rep. Chris Stewart

More about the Anti-Socialism Movement:

Socialism’s swift rise as the preferred alternative to capitalism among American’s youth is alarming. Recent polling shows 53% of American millennials favoring a socialist society to a capitalist one, compared to only a quarter of Americans over age 55. This is generally attributed to the youngest generation’s direct experience with this failed experiment.

As The Economist reported on February 14, 2019:

“After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the 20th century’s ideological contest seemed over. Capitalism had won and socialism became a byword for economic failure and political oppression. It limped on in fringe meetings, failing states and the turgid liturgy of the Chinese Communist Party. Today, 30 years on, socialism is back in fashion.”

Our adversaries have one thing in common: they want to destroy freedom, democracy and the rule of law, for the life-affirming principles which define our liberal democracy represent an existential threat to their existence. How can President Putin justify his despotic hold on power when his people can look West and see that our democracy has given people freedom and opportunity? How can President Xi justify the repression of his own people if they are able to see our example and want the same thing?

The Anti-Socialism Caucus will play a part in how we will defeat socialism once again.

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