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ICYMI: Rep. Stewart Joins Face the Nation

WASHINGTON— This Sunday, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined CBS’s Face the Nation to discuss the recent discovery of classified documents in President Biden’s home and the debt ceiling.

Watch the full interview here, and see highlights of the interview below.

President Biden’s Classified Documents:

“The likelihood of President Biden forgetting he had these classified documents is very unlikely - every single classified document has a classification marking,” ... “This isn't the kind of thing you just sit on your desk and think, 'I forgot it's classified,’ it's very clear that they are classified."

 “For those people who are saying ‘the President did not realize he had classified documents in his possession’ is just nonsense,”… “If these documents were available for a long period of time in such an open environment – a garage for Heaven’s sakes, it’s important for us to understand the potential damage these documents may have caused to American national security.”

 Debt Ceiling:

 “We [Republicans] certainty want to work with them [Democrats] to prevent a government shutdown, and we hope that they’ll work with us. I am not a fan of government shutdowns, and I honestly don’t know anyone who is.”

 “[Inflation] hurts the poorest among us – the working-poor are the ones who are most impacted,” … “The primary cause of inflation is government spending and government debt.”

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