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Stewart's Latest Op-Ed in the Deseret News

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Are we underestimating the human costs of the lockdown strategy? In case you missed it—Congressman Chris Stewart (UT-02) recently wrote an op-ed in the Deseret News addressing the economic fallout of a global lockdown and the impact it's having on mental health, global poverty, and national security. "It is imperative that we measure the public health impact of virus containment against the very r... Read more »

Rep. Stewart with Anderson Cooper

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Rep. Stewart joins Anderson Cooper prior to Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Watch the interview below: Read more »

An abysmal legacy of Obama’s presidential overreach

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Many times over the course of President Obama’s second term, I have stood on the House floor and made an obvious but important observation. Our Founding Fathers got it right. They gave us a president and not a king. Knowing this, I have objected vigorously as this President pulls more and more unconstitutional powers to himself. If a future Republican president were to do the same thing, I will co... Read more »

Land management is not a zero-sum game

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In July 2015, Garfield County was forced to declare a state of emergency based on rapidly declining school enrollment. Simply put, their schools are dying because families cannot stay in the county. And why can’t they stay? Because there are so few jobs capable of sustaining a family. The situation is destroying a great Western tradition of ranching, farming and logging, while forcing families to ... Read more »

The Zika Response: Good Intentions Gone Awry

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Washington D.C. has a funny habit of using an emergency as an excuse to spend more money while also growing the size and power of government. This often results in more bloated bureaucracy and wasted tax dollars. The President’s Zika request may be an example of this. He recently asked Congress for $1.9 billion to fight the Zika Virus. Yes, the Zika outbreak is a serious concern. But 1.9 billion dollars is a lot of money. His request is also far too broad, and could in fact allow him to direct money to programs and activities that have nothing to do with Zika. Read more »

Heroism Continues Today

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I have the great honor of serving on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, a responsibility that requires that I spend a lot of time in very troubled and chaotic parts of the world. During these travels, I see U.S. military personnel serving under some of the most hostile and difficult circumstances that you can imagine. Read more »

Turning a Blind Eye to Cyber Attacks

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As a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, I am reminded every day that we live in a dangerous world. It is violent and chaotic, and it’s becoming more so all the time. But among the many national security threats that we face, in no area are we more vulnerable, and do we face so great a destructive potential, than the cyber realm. Read more »

In What Way Is Iran a Reliable Negotiating Partner?

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I was one of the Air Force’s B-1 pilot representatives for the verification of the START treaties with the former Soviet Union during my 14 years in the military. In those years I learned much about implementing a credible national-security policy. Two lessons in particular were crucial: For an international agreement to hold, both parties must be viewed as reliable partners who want the agreement... Read more »

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