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Rep. Stewart Reacts to President Obama’s Budget

Apr 10, 2013
Press Release


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) issued the following statement regarding the release of President Obama’s budget proposal.

“While I’m still reviewing the President’s budget, it appears to have missed the mark on the fundamental crisis we are facing. It continues to expand the size of government by spending more than $964 billion above projected growth, asks for $1.1 trillion in new taxes, and most troublingly, it never balances. Calling for new taxes and increased spending is not the right solution. The President already had his tax increases. It’s now time to meaningfully reduce our spending.”

“Just a few weeks ago, the House passed a reasonable and responsible budget, a  budget that simplifies our broken tax code, protects national security, reforms Medicare and welfare programs so they can be sustainable, and balances the budget within 10 years. It targets wasteful government spending, and reforms the programs that are driving our debt. A balanced budget will foster a healthier economy, create stability, and help foster job creation. I hope that President Obama and Congress can work together to create a budget that will reduce our deficit and help grow our economy. We must have the moral courage to make the hard decisions that will get us on a path to fiscal sanity.”